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What's New At Sound Productions LLC
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".... Thanks again for the fine score .... We've had many compliments on the finished show and the music. You really helped bring the animated and video sequences to life, establishing a unique tone and mood for each." - Hewitt Associates
> What's New At Sound Productions LLC

What's New At Sound Productions LLC

What's New At Sound Productions LLC
Not this picture!
My music has recently shown up in a wide variety of places including several MTV shows, Nature on PBS, the History Channel, TLC, Discovery Health and Discovery Investigative.

New children's projects include 2 new songs for the Smithsonian Institute and several animated videos for school release.

Documentary work includes scores for Yale University and an educational film on Bullying.

Corporate/commercial work includes scores for The Hartford, Travelers, Marande Ford, United Way and others.

For more information about Bruce Zimmerman and Sound Productions please contact him or order a demo reel.