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"Remembering When" is a warmly evocative hour, complemented nicely by Bruce Zimmerman's original music." - New Haven Register
> Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

"I treat each scoring project that I do, as a unique collaboration with many talented individuals - writers, producers, directors, etc. I'm part of a creative team. The testimonials here mean a great deal to me because they were written, unsolicited, by people whom I admire." - Bruce Zimmerman

Customer Testimonials

"The children who were field testing our product consistently enjoyed the music and our New York Editorial and Marketing groups have been raving about the audio portions as well." - Macmillan/McGraw Hill

"I can't imagine a better score than the one you wrote. (The music) enhanced the message beyond measure." - The SuperMarket

"Remembering When" is a warmly evocative hour, complemented nicely by Bruce Zimmerman's original music." - New Haven Register

"Thanks again for the great job on the TBA music. It added just the right touch to enhance the emotion of the piece." - Diane Ploch, producer

"We would like to express our thanks for the help you gave us... We greatly appreciate all the time, commitment and expertise you gave this project." - The Amistad Committee

".... Thanks again for the fine score .... We've had many compliments on the finished show and the music. You really helped bring the animated and video sequences to life, establishing a unique tone and mood for each." - Hewitt Associates

"We are proud to have you as an integral part of our creative team. Your contribution is enormous." - Connecticut Public Television

"Thank you for forwarding the tape of Bruce Zimmerman. I found the music creatively refreshing. He is obviously a skilled technician and has a great reservoir of talent." - Oscar Band, Songwriters Hall of Fame

"The music was great as usual. It's always a pleasant surprise to listen to the music as it's going in." - Joel Steadman, producer

"Well, you did it again .... The client is thrilled!" - Cathy Bond, producer

"Thanks Bruce. The music, as always, was perfect ... Fit very well." - University of Connecticut

"Great job on the music for "Common Ground". It was quite haunting and most appropriate to the material." - Connecticut Public Television