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"Thank you for forwarding the tape of Bruce Zimmerman. I found the music creatively refreshing. He is obviously a skilled technician and has a great reservoir of talent." - Oscar Band, Songwriters Hall of Fame
> Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Original music can be very expensive, can't it? I don't think I can afford it.
Because I run my own facility, I am extremely flexible when it comes to budgets. I work on large and small budgeted projects. My overhead is very low because I have chosen not to set up shop in a major city and I pass these savings on to you.

My deadlines are really tight. How long does it take to compose original music?
I can write anywhere from 6-10 minutes of music a day. I am thorough but FAST.

How does all this work?
I work off of BetaSP or Quicktime movie files and I sync the picture to my audio system. I can provide the finished music on CD or post audio files like WAV and AIF to my web site.

How do I know what you can do?
Watch a sample or order one of my free demo reels. . They are a good representation of my work.

What about rewrites? Everything can't be perfect the first time.
Rewrites are a part of the business. Generally, rewrites are a part of the original budget and won't cost you anything.

I don't live in CT. Does this matter?
Not really. I work with producers from coast to coast and around the world . There are many producers whom I have never met in person. With the phone, email, downloadable files, ISDN lines, etc., the work gets done efficiently and effectively.

Do you use any synthesizers? Don't they sound phony?
I use high end samples and sound libraries and when appropriate, real players to create my scores. My scores run the stylistic gamut from new age to jazz band, hip-hop to hi-tech, acoustic folk to orchestra, and everything in between.

If you drop a ton of feathers and a ton of iron off of a rooftop, which will hit the ground first?
Neither. It's against the law to drop things off of rooftops. Now go to my demo page and request something.