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"The music was great as usual. It's always a pleasant surprise to listen to the music as it's going in." - Joel Steadman, producer
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Don't be "too" serious
I have been composing music since I was about 11 years old, which is when I got my first guitar. After learning a few basic chords, I started writing songs and soon had a journal filled with lyrics about pre-teen angst, peppered with psychedelic references and Bob Dylan plagiarisms.

Composing back then was a very personal and fulfilling experience and 40 something years later it still is. Only now, my work is even more rewarding because I function as part of a creative team. I see my work as a true collaboration with whomever I am working, be it a producer, children's author, ad agency or director.

When I write music for myself, I only have to please myself. When I am composing for a film project, the needs are much different and I wholeheartedly accept and relish the challenge of working for the team.

My goals are to provide the most inspired and effective musical treatment that I can for each project I become involved in, to provide timely and professional service, to work well with others (starting to sound like a Boy Scout oath?) and to come in on budget. I am in this business because writing music for film and video is what I love to do.